Category : Speakers      
Company/Business:  Akrivi Voula Dendrinos - Empowerment Coach
Contact:  Voula
Job Location:  Melbourne
Company/Business:  Claire Halliday. Speaker. Podcaster. Freelance writer. Author
Contact:  Claire
Job Location:  Melbourne
Podcaster. Storyteller. Interviewer. Corporate Speaker. Author. Ghost Writer.
Company/Business:  Entertainment Depot Agency
Contact:  Irene
Job Location:  Melbourne
Company/Business:  Essential Being
Contact:  Jess Farrelly
Job Location:  Melbourne
0423 227 3550
The goal is to help children recognise the physical sensations they experience when emotions arise and then teach them specific yoga poses to help deal with that emotion. • Yoga for Feelings Story book • Essential Being yoga cards
Company/Business:  Glynn Nicholas Group
Contact:  Glynn
0412 752 474
Glynn: writer & producers & director of stage shows, musicals, comedies. Speaker. Coach.
Company/Business:  Meg Keneally Author
Contact:  Meg
Job Location:  Sydney
Company/Business:  Moontime Diary
Contact:  Iris Detenhoff
Business Address:  Mullumbimby
Job Location:  Mullumbimby
A lunar diary such as the Moontime Diary. Helps You Save Time, Effort and Resources Start using a lunar diary such as the Moontime Diary if you want to save time, effort, and resources.
Company/Business:  Word Studio Australia
Contact:  Richard McRoberts
Job Location:  Lake Gardens
0418 518851
Talks/lectures on • How to write fiction • Prostate cancer • How to write a memoir or autobiography • The key importance of phonic teaching in education