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Company/Business:  Charmed Gifts & Blessings
Contact:  Rene
Business Address:  Fairfield
Charmed Gifts with special Blessings. Charmed Crystal sachets. Gifts for love, happy celebrations, romantic declarations, to attract good fortune, in remembrance and to protect your loved ones from evil, ill-wishes and curses. Special herbs are presented in satin or velvet pouches with a unique, original Blessing (card). Crystal and herb sachets each one with special intentions. Select from 30 Blessings
Company/Business:  Hills End Gardens Seeds Sachets
Contact:  Agent
Business Address:  Melbourne
Postal Address:  P.O. Box 350 Fairfield 3078
Seed Sachets and seeded products for all occasions. Customized and stock designs. For Celebrations, Farewells, Corporate promotions. Wedding gifts. Contact Next Level Marketing for all info and a free quotes.
Company/Business:  Lady Luck Lampshades
Contact:  Jessi
Business Address:  Northcote
Job Location:  National Sales
0432 690 353
Lady Luck Lampshades specialises in custom-made Victorian Silk lampshades and Retro, Rockabilly & Vintage inspired contemporary shades.
Company/Business:  Salt Pillows Cold
Contact:  Rene
Business Address:  Fairfield
03 9486 1771
Salt Pillows Cold Therapy. A natural solution to cool you down. Place on your body for a deep soothing coolness. Our Salt Pillows are hand made in Melbourne Australia with 100% pure cotton, encasing pink Himalayan Mineral Salt. 2 sizes. 12cmx20 and 12cm x40cm.
Company/Business:  Salt Pillows Cold Therapy
Contact:  Sales & Marketing
Business Address:  Melbourne
Salt Pillows for Cold Therapy, use strictly as a cold pack. Perfect for cooling down after an injury, from from pregnancy to menopause. Hand made with cotton and 100% organic cotton pillows containing natural Himalayan mineral salt. Two sizes. From $19.95

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