Our sincere thanks to...

Go Direct Australia would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank Peter G. Briggs for his work in the creation, design, building and marketing of many successful websites under the Go Direct Group and Ozweb.biz.

The principals of Go Direct Australia have been involved with the Internet since 1997 and in that time, activities have included many diverse aspects of Internet Marketing and Promotion. Initially the focus was primarily on the production of web sites. During that time, we were directly involved in the day-to-day management of a number of major national corporate sites.

Also, a good deal of work was done in the implementation of content management systems.
This has seen the evolution of our activities one more time - from servicing other organizations and companies back to the prime focus being the development of our own unique online assets: Go Direct!  

We miss our esteemed leader, clever IT dude and webmaster. We miss the sound of his Blues Harp emanating from his office, but he has left us with many wonderful, happy memories. Thanks Briggs. 

We would also like to acknowledge JB, Andrew E. and Peter C. who have supported and assisted in all things web related since 2008, your generosity and kindness was, and still is greatly appreciated. 

From the entire team, thank you. 

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