Hills End Gardens presents...

Charmed Pouches with special Blessing Cards   

Charmed Pouches with Crystals

Special gifts...for a little magic

Charmed Satin Pouch’s with original, unique Blessings for:

  • Good Fortune requests
  • Protection
  • Love & Romance
  • Happy & Joyous events
  • House warming gifts 
  • Remembrance 

Je Suis Protégé – I am protected’                                            

‘À Mon Amour   – to my love’

‘Sur  Demandé – on request’

‘Aimé Toujours – loved always’ 

‘Pour Toujours – forever’ 


Crystals and Herbs Pouches uniquely for:

Protection, Love, Healing, and Good Luck, Opportunity, Chance

Luxurious satin and velvet pouches filled with salt from the sea and carefully selected protection herbs. Each pouch comes with a special Blessing to ward off evil, ill-wishes, curses and bad luck.

Place the protection pouch where you truly believe it’s needed, or give them as a special gift to your loved ones. Salt has been used in blessings and for protection for centuries. Protection herbs have been grown and used through the ages. 

Planet Earth where superstitions and myths abound and protection is a requirement.


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