The roll out...

In association with our partners at Entertainment Depot, we supply opportunities for brand product placement (advertising) to businesses in Australia and overseas. Increase sales, raise the profile of a new product and/or introduce your brand to the world - we consult with the producers for a seamless integration.

Our service is unique, we cater for the brand and the producer. We facilitate the needs of the producer's and match up with the ideal brand's. 

The Good...

1. compared to conservative, traditional advertising it is affordable

2. you can select the exact genre or media or lead actor

3. per your brief, we can monitor the media landscape for your products, find "the best fit" 

4. we work with you and the producer for the best possible outcome for a win-win, setting in place future partner opportunities

5. nothing is assumed, we ensure all admin and legal documents are sorted and signed

6. we consider you a valuable client, you are the paying customer. We are at your service.

Regardless of the size of your business, staff numbers, on or offline, advertising on the large or small screen is affordable, the starting point is your call. 

In-kind/trade out arrangements may be available, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee. 

The Bad & The Ugly...(Clint Eastwood fans here)

1. FOMO - Fear of missing out. Don't stress. Call us today

2. It's real bad for the marketing team or your ad agency if your competition nails brand placement and the movie is a blockbuster, a surprise world wide hit and worst of all...wins an Oscar. Ouch.

The Marketing Mix
Advertising in movies, films, on screens or streaming should be a vital part of your advertising budget. With over 30 years experience in sales and marketing this is not our first rodeo.

We pride ourselves on our service. If you grade "experience" on longevity,reputation and trust, then we are more than good. 

Contact us, at your service! 

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