Funding assistance for your next production

Executive producers, interested in obtaining extra funding for your next production?

Please contact us and email us your your needs and wants, all your information, so we may work with you to nominate the brands and products that are a good fit for a seamless promotion of suitable products and services.

Have all your ducks-in-a-row: timelines, lead actors and a minimum of 60% of funding in place. Ideally, the product placement is sorted and signed off prior to commencement of filming.

We are based in Australia and represent  production companies in Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand. Brands/products are sourced globally, if not already in our database.

We feature new & innovative products and services and favor Organic, Eco-friendly, Fair Trade, Humanitarian, Sustainable, High Quality Premium and Luxury brands. 

              We provide a very specialized service.  Let's Talk. 

email: | Ph: +61 3 9486 1771

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