Brand Product Placement Consultants (Australia)

We provide businesses opportunities for brand product placement, partnerships & co-promotions, ad campaigns on a local & global scale in Film, Television, online streaming, VOD and original Live Theater shows. 

Products and services range: New & Innovative, Organic, Eco-friendly, Fair Trade, Humanitarian, Sustainable, High Quality Premium and Luxury brands, all have access to promotional opportunities in Film, TV & Music videos.

 "Product placement is an inexpensive advertising for companies who seek product recognition, gaining tremendous exposure at a fraction of the normal costs of traditional advertising costs"

Brand Integration: written in the script and viewed on screen being used,consumed by the actors

Brand Product Placement: as theatrical props on TV shows, live theater stages and in films and documentaries

  • products are used as props and set decorator items for the entertainment industry, we work with producers, wardrobe designers, set decorators 
  • cost effective  (implied) celebrity endorsement 
  • effective and established method of developing brand recognition, the product is featured directly at the brands target market & demographic
it's easier than you think to build awareness of a new product or to single out a product in a highly competitive market place.
* All demographics 
* Local and Global productions
* All "branded entertainment" budgets are considered, SME's and start-ups, let's talk...
* Find a Celebrity..looking for a face for your brand? Yes, we can help.
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