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Go Direct Australia promotes Australian brands

in association with Entertainment Depot

We are entertainment marketing consultants for brand integration and brand product placement in films, music videos, television shows and live original theater productions.

Affordable to any size business, place your product on the screen or stage. These days entertainment marketing is not exclusive to the big "hero" brands with their expensive advertising and media agencies. 

We work with you and the producer to make it happen on a local or global scale. Become a brand partner, co-promote to raise your products profile.

“Lights… Camera… YOUR  PRODUCT” Q. in which scene could your product have been featured? 

Brand product placement opportunities are available world wide right now!  We tailor exclusive packages for:

  • Product Placement: products are provided for natural exposure
  • Brand Integration: the storyline is edited to seamlessly include selected products/brands. Displayed, spoken,consumed by the characters
  • Tie-In Promotion: lead actor/movie for product “tie-ins” in ad campaigns
  • Virtual Placement: places brands in scene during post-production

"Product placement is an inexpensive advertising tool for companies who seek product recognition, especially if the companies don't have massive advertising budgets. Gain tremendous exposure at a fraction of the normal costs of traditional advertising costs"

And, that’s a wrap!

Go Direct Australia 

For all things in entertainment marketing. Based in Melbourne Australia

Go Direct Australia

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